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Simplified optional dependency check. Updated minimal version of py_tools_ds. Updated version info.

parent aaa81d52
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......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ from .masks import CloudMask # noqa: E402
__author__ = """Daniel Scheffler"""
__email__ = ''
__version__ = '0.6.10'
__versionalias__ = 'v20171010.01'
__version__ = '0.6.11'
__versionalias__ = 'v20171010.02'
__all__ = ['GeoArray',
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
import warnings
from importlib import util
with open('README.rst') as readme_file:
readme =
......@@ -11,7 +12,7 @@ with open('HISTORY.rst') as history_file:
history =
requirements = [
'py_tools_ds>=0.6.0', 'numpy', 'matplotlib', 'six', 'gdal', 'shapely', 'geopandas', 'pandas', 'dill', 'mpld3',
'py_tools_ds>=0.9.0', 'numpy', 'matplotlib', 'six', 'gdal', 'shapely', 'geopandas', 'pandas', 'dill', 'mpld3',
'geojson', 'folium', 'scikit-image', 'dask>=0.15.0'
# dask is only indirectly needed but updating to >=0.15.0 resolves
# attributeerror-module-object-has-no-attribute-computation
......@@ -23,7 +24,7 @@ test_requirements = requirements + ["coverage", "nose", "nose2", "nose-htmloutpu
description="Fast Python interface for geodata - either on disk or in memory.",
long_description=readme + '\n\n' + history,
author="Daniel Scheffler",
......@@ -56,15 +57,11 @@ setup(
# check for holoviews
import holoviews
except ImportError:
if not util.find_spec('holoviews'):
warnings.warn('You need to install holoviews manually (see if you want to use interactive '
'plotting. It is not automatically installed.') # TODO
'plotting. It is not automatically installed.')
# check for basemap
from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap
except ImportError:
if not util.find_spec('mpl_toolkits.basemap'):
warnings.warn('You need to install basemap manually (see www./ if you want to plot maps. '
'It is not automatically installed.') # TODO
'It is not automatically installed.')
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
echo "#### Build runner docker image"
......@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@ RUN /bin/bash -i -c "source /root/anaconda3/bin/activate ; \
conda install --yes -c conda-forge numpy gdal scikit-image matplotlib rasterio pyproj basemap shapely; \
conda install --yes -c conda-forge 'icu=58.*' lxml ; \
pip install geopandas pandas dicttoxml jsmin cerberus pyprind pint iso8601 tqdm mpld3 sphinx-argparse \
folium geojson py_tools_ds flake8 pycodestyle pylint pydocstyle nose nose2 nose-htmloutput coverage rednose"
folium geojson py_tools_ds>=0.9.0 flake8 pycodestyle pylint pydocstyle nose nose2 nose-htmloutput coverage \
# copy some needed stuff to /root
#COPY *.pkl /root/ # EXAMPLE
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