Commit 81ad19a6 authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler

Merge branch 'enhancement/speed_up_nodatamask' into 'master'

The algorithm to compute the nodata mask is now much faster, especially for...

See merge request !13
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......@@ -681,25 +681,41 @@ class GeoArray(object):
:param overwrite: <bool> whether to overwrite existing nodata mask that has already been calculated
if self._mask_nodata is None or overwrite:
assert self.ndim in [2, 3], "Only 2D or 3D arrays are supported. Got a %sD array." % self.ndim
arr = self[:, :, fromBand] if self.ndim == 3 and fromBand is not None else self[:]
min_v, max_v = np.min(arr), np.max(arr)
if (min_v == max_v == self.nodata) or (np.isnan(min_v) and np.isnan(max_v) and np.isnan(self.nodata)):
self.mask_nodata = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
if self.nodata is None:
mask = np.ones((self.rows, self.cols), np.bool)
elif np.isnan(self.nodata):
nanmask = np.isnan(arr)
nanbands = np.all(np.all(nanmask, axis=0), axis=0)
if np.all(nanbands):
mask = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
elif arr.ndim == 2:
mask = ~np.isnan(arr)
idx_1st_databand = np.argwhere(~nanbands)[0][0]
mask = ~np.isnan(arr[:, :, idx_1st_databand])
mask[~mask] = np.any(~np.isnan(arr[~mask]), axis=1)
if self.nodata is None:
self.mask_nodata = np.ones((self.rows, self.cols), np.bool)
elif np.isnan(self.nodata):
self.mask_nodata = \
np.invert(np.isnan(arr)) if arr.ndim == 2 else \
np.any(np.invert(np.isnan(arr)), axis=2)
bandmeans = np.mean(np.mean(arr, axis=0), axis=0)
if np.nanmean(bandmeans) == self.nodata:
mask = np.full(arr.shape[:2], False)
elif arr.ndim == 2:
mask = arr != self.nodata
self.mask_nodata = \, self.nodata).mask if arr.ndim == 2 else \
np.any(, self.nodata).mask, axis=2)
idx_1st_databand = np.argwhere(bandmeans != self.nodata)[0][0]
mask = np.array(arr[:, :, idx_1st_databand] != self.nodata)
mask[~mask] = np.any(arr[~mask] != self.nodata, axis=1)
self.mask_nodata = mask
return mask
def find_noDataVal(self, bandIdx=0, sz=3):
"""Tries to derive no data value from homogenious corner pixels within 3x3 windows (by default).
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