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Updated docker builder.

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......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ RUN /bin/bash -i -c "cd /root; wget$anaconda_
# 'conda install --yes -c conda-forge 'icu=58.*' lxml' fixing a bug for conda-forge gdal build, as of 06/2017
RUN /bin/bash -i -c "source /root/anaconda3/bin/activate ; \
conda install --yes pyqt coverage ; \
conda install --yes -c ioam holoviews bokeh ; \
conda install --yes -c ioam holoviews=1.8.0 ; \
conda install --yes -c ioam bokeh ; \
conda install --yes -c conda-forge gdal ; \
conda install --yes -c conda-forge 'icu=58.*' lxml ; \
conda install --yes -c conda-forge glymur pygrib rasterio pyproj cachetools ; \
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