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Revised Tie_Point_Refiner.

updated __version__ and __versionalias__
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......@@ -754,15 +754,45 @@ class Tie_Point_Grid(object):
class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
def __init__(self, GDF, q=False):
self.GDF = GDF.copy()
self.q = q
self.new_cols = []
def __init__(self, GDF, min_reliability=60, rs_max_outlier=10, rs_tolerance=2.5, rs_max_iter=15,
rs_exclude_previous_outliers=True, rs_timeout=20, q=False):
:param GDF: GeoDataFrame like TiePointGrid.CoRegPoints_table
:param min_reliability: <float, int> minimum threshold for previously computed tie X/Y shift
reliability (default: 60%)
:param rs_max_outlier: <float, int> RANSAC: maximum percentage of outliers to be detected
(default: 10%)
:param rs_tolerance: <float, int> RANSAC: percentage tolerance for max_outlier_percentage
(default: 2.5%)
:param rs_max_iter: <int> RANSAC: maximum iterations for finding the best RANSAC threshold
(default: 15)
:param rs_exclude_previous_outliers: <bool> RANSAC: whether to exclude points that have been flagged as
outlier by earlier filtering (default:True)
:param rs_timeout: <float, int> RANSAC: timeout for iteration loop in seconds (default: 20)
:param q:
self.GDF = GDF.copy()
self.min_reliability = min_reliability
self.rs_max_outlier_percentage = rs_max_outlier
self.rs_tolerance = rs_tolerance
self.rs_max_iter = rs_max_iter
self.rs_exclude_previous_outliers = rs_exclude_previous_outliers
self.rs_timeout = rs_timeout
self.q = q
self.new_cols = []
self.ransac_model_robust = None
def run_filtering(self, level=2):#, min_reliability=60, rs_max_outlier=10, rs_tolerance=2.5, rs_max_iter=15,
#rs_exclude_previous_outliers=True, rs_timeout=20):
def run_filtering(self, level=2):
:param level:
# TODO catch empty GDF
# RELIABILITY filtering
......@@ -770,26 +800,35 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
marked_recs = GeoSeries(self._reliability_thresholding())
self.GDF['L1_OUTLIER'] = marked_recs
if not self.q:
print('%s tie points flagged by level 1 filtering (reliability).' % (len(marked_recs[marked_recs==True])))
# SSIM filtering
if level>1:
marked_recs = GeoSeries(self._SSIM_filtering())
self.GDF['L2_OUTLIER'] = marked_recs
if not self.q:
print('%s tie points flagged by level 2 filtering (SSIM).' % (len(marked_recs[marked_recs==True])))
# RANSAC filtering
if level>2:
marked_recs = GeoSeries(self._RANSAC_outlier_detection())
if len(self.GDF)>4:
# exclude previous outliers
ransacInGDF = self.GDF[self.GDF[self.new_cols].any(axis=1) == False].copy()\
if self.rs_exclude_previous_outliers else self.GDF
if len(ransacInGDF)>4:
# running RANSAC with less than four tie points makes no sense
marked_recs = GeoSeries(self._RANSAC_outlier_detection(ransacInGDF))
self.GDF['L3_OUTLIER'] = marked_recs.tolist() # we need to join a list here because otherwise it's merged by the 'index' column
if not self.q:
'%s tie points flagged by level 3 filtering (RANSAC)' % (len(marked_recs[marked_recs == True])))
print('%s tie points flagged by level 3 filtering (RANSAC)' % (len(marked_recs[marked_recs == True])))
print('RANSAC skipped because too less valid tie points have been found.')
self.GDF['L3_OUTLIER'] = False
......@@ -803,17 +842,14 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
return self.GDF, self.new_cols
def _reliability_thresholding(self, min_reliability=60):
def _reliability_thresholding(self):
"""Exclude all records where estimated reliability of the calculated shifts is below the given threshold."""
return self.GDF.RELIABILITY < min_reliability
return self.GDF.RELIABILITY < self.min_reliability
def _SSIM_filtering(self):
"""Exclude all records where SSIM decreased.
"""Exclude all records where SSIM decreased."""
#ssim_diff = np.median(self.GDF['SSIM_AFTER']) - np.median(self.GDF['SSIM_BEFORE'])
......@@ -822,31 +858,18 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
return self.GDF.SSIM_IMPROVED == False
def _RANSAC_outlier_detection(self, max_outlier_percentage=10, tolerance=2.5, max_iter=15,
exclude_previous_outliers=True, timeout=20):
"""Detect geometric outliers between point cloud of source and estimated coordinates using RANSAC algorithm.
:param max_outlier_percentage: <float, int> maximum percentage of outliers to be detected
:param tolerance: <float, int> percentage tolerance for max_outlier_percentage
:param max_iter: <int> maximum iterations for finding the best RANSAC threshold
:param exclude_previous_outliers: <bool> whether to exclude points that have been flagged as outlier by
earlier filtering
:param timeout: <float, int> timeout for iteration loop in seconds
# exclude previous outliers
GDF = self.GDF[self.GDF[self.new_cols].any(axis=1)==False].copy() if exclude_previous_outliers else self.GDF
def _RANSAC_outlier_detection(self, inGDF):
"""Detect geometric outliers between point cloud of source and estimated coordinates using RANSAC algorithm."""
src_coords = np.array(GDF[['X_UTM', 'Y_UTM']])
xyShift = np.array(GDF[['X_SHIFT_M', 'Y_SHIFT_M']])
src_coords = np.array(inGDF[['X_UTM', 'Y_UTM']])
xyShift = np.array(inGDF[['X_SHIFT_M', 'Y_SHIFT_M']])
est_coords = src_coords + xyShift
for co, n in zip([src_coords, est_coords], ['src_coords', 'est_coords']):
assert co.ndim==2 and co.shape[1]==2, "'%s' must have shape [Nx2]. Got shape %s."%(n, co.shape)
if not 0 < max_outlier_percentage < 100: raise ValueError
min_inlier_percentage = 100-max_outlier_percentage
if not 0 < self.rs_max_outlier_percentage < 100: raise ValueError
min_inlier_percentage = 100-self.rs_max_outlier_percentage
class PolyTF_1(PolynomialTransform):
def estimate(*data):
......@@ -892,8 +915,8 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
min_samples = 6,
residual_threshold = th,
max_trials = 2000,
stop_sample_num = int((min_inlier_percentage-tolerance) /100*src_coords.shape[0]),
stop_residuals_sum = int((max_outlier_percentage-tolerance)/100*src_coords.shape[0])
stop_sample_num = int((min_inlier_percentage-self.rs_tolerance) /100*src_coords.shape[0]),
stop_residuals_sum = int((self.rs_max_outlier_percentage-self.rs_tolerance)/100*src_coords.shape[0])
inliers = np.array([])
......@@ -903,23 +926,23 @@ class Tie_Point_Refiner(object):
th_checked[th] = count_inliers / src_coords.shape[0] * 100
#print(th,'\t', th_checked[th], )
if min_inlier_percentage-tolerance < th_checked[th] < min_inlier_percentage+tolerance:
if min_inlier_percentage-self.rs_tolerance < th_checked[th] < min_inlier_percentage+self.rs_tolerance:
#print('in tolerance')
if count_iter > max_iter or time.time()-time_start > timeout:
if count_iter > self.rs_max_iter or time.time()-time_start > self.rs_timeout:
break # keep last values and break while loop
outliers = inliers == False if inliers is not None and inliers.size else np.array([])
if GDF.empty or outliers is None or (isinstance(outliers, list) and not outliers) or \
if inGDF.empty or outliers is None or (isinstance(outliers, list) and not outliers) or \
(isinstance(outliers, np.ndarray) and not outliers.size):
gs = GeoSeries([False]*len(self.GDF))
elif len(GDF) < len(self.GDF):
GDF['outliers'] = outliers
elif len(inGDF) < len(self.GDF):
inGDF['outliers'] = outliers
fullGDF = GeoDataFrame(self.GDF['POINT_ID'])
fullGDF = fullGDF.merge(GDF[['POINT_ID', 'outliers']], on='POINT_ID', how="outer")
fullGDF = fullGDF.merge(inGDF[['POINT_ID', 'outliers']], on='POINT_ID', how="outer")
#fullGDF.outliers.copy()[~fullGDF.POINT_ID.isin(GDF.POINT_ID)] = False
fullGDF = fullGDF.fillna(False) # NaNs are due to exclude_previous_outliers
gs = fullGDF['outliers']
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
__author__ = """Daniel Scheffler"""
__email__ = ''
__version__ = '0.1.0'
__versionalias__ = '2017-06-15_01'
__version__ = '0.1.1'
__versionalias__ = '2017-06-28_01'
from .CoReg import COREG
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ test_requirements = ['coverage']
description="An Automated and Robust Open-Source Image Co-Registration Software for Multi-Sensor Satellite Data",
long_description=readme + '\n\n' + history,
author="Daniel Scheffler",
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