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Revised fix.

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......@@ -342,18 +342,17 @@ class COREG(object):
# get input paths
def get_input_path(im):
if isinstance(im, GeoArray):
if not im.is_inmem:
return im.filePath
path = im.filePath if isinstance(im, GeoArray) else im
if isinstance(im, GeoArray) and im.filePath is None and self.path_out == 'auto':
raise ValueError(self.path_out, "The output path must be explicitly set in case the input "
"reference or target image is in-memory (without a reference to a "
"physical file on disk). Received path_out='%s'." % self.path_out)
return im
path_im_ref = get_input_path(im_ref) if self.path_out else None
path_im_tgt = get_input_path(im_tgt) if self.path_out else None
return path
path_im_ref = get_input_path(im_ref)
path_im_tgt = get_input_path(im_tgt)
if self.path_out: # this also applies to self.path_out='auto'
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