Commit 389a6bb9 authored by Niklas Bohn's avatar Niklas Bohn
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Set 'fontenla' to default solar model and added a respective comment to the options file.

Signed-off-by: Niklas Bohn's avatarnbohn <>
parent 0a070687
......@@ -14,7 +14,9 @@
at coastlines); otherwise, all image pixels (land + water) are processed; default:
"fn_LUT": "",
"sol_model": "new_kurucz", /*available solar models: 'new_kurucz' (Kurucz 2005), 'fontenla' (Fontenla 2011)*/
"sol_model": "fontenla", /*available solar models: 'fontenla' (Fontenla 2011) and 'new_kurucz' (Kurucz 2005),
whereupon 'fontenla' is the default setting and 'new_kurucz' should only be used in
case of simulated EnMAP data*/
"cpu": 32,
"disable_progressbars": false,
"segmentation": true,
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