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Added some functions to replace import of isofit library.

parent bdf820ba
......@@ -28,21 +28,139 @@ import numpy as np
from numpy import logical_and as aand
import dill
from tqdm import tqdm
from os.path import split, abspath
import os
from os.path import split, abspath, expandvars
import scipy as s
from scipy.interpolate import interp1d
from import loadmat
from scipy.linalg import norm
from import envi
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
from isofit.core.common import json_load_ascii, expand_path, svd_inv
import json
from sicor.Tools.EnMAP.LUT import read_lut_enmap_formatted, interpol_lut_c, get_data_file
from sicor.Tools.EnMAP.conversion import generate_filter
from sicor.Tools.EnMAP.metadata import varsol
def recursive_reencode(j, shell_replace=True):
Recursively re-encode a mutable object (ascii->str).
:param j: object to reencode
:param shell_replace: boolean helper for recursive calls
:return: expanded, reencoded object
if isinstance(j, dict):
for key, value in j.items():
j[key] = recursive_reencode(value)
return j
elif isinstance(j, list):
for i, k in enumerate(j):
j[i] = recursive_reencode(k)
return j
elif isinstance(j, tuple):
return tuple([recursive_reencode(k) for k in j])
if shell_replace and isinstance(j, str):
j = expandvars(j)
except IndexError:
return j
def json_load_ascii(filename, shell_replace=True):
Load a hierarchical structure, convert all unicode to ASCII and expand environment variables.
:param filename: json file to load from
:param shell_replace: boolean
:return: encoded dictionary
with open(filename, 'r') as fin:
j = json.load(fin)
return recursive_reencode(j, shell_replace)
def expand_path(directory, subpath):
Expand a path variable to an absolute path, if it is not one already.
:param directory: absolute location
:param subpath: path to expand
:return: expanded path
if subpath.startswith('/'):
return subpath
return os.path.join(directory, subpath)
def svd_inv_sqrt(C, hashtable=None):
Matrix inversion, based on decomposition. Built to be stable, and positive.
:param C: matrix to invert
hashtable: if used, the hashtable to store/retrieve results in/from
(np.array, np.array): inverse of C and square root of the inverse of C
# If we have a hash table, look for the precalculated solution
h = None
if hashtable is not None:
# If arrays are in Fortran ordering, they are not hashable.
if not C.flags['C_CONTIGUOUS']:
C = C.copy(order='C')
h = xxhash.xxh64_digest(C)
if h in hashtable:
return hashtable[h]
D, P = np.linalg.eigh(C)
for count in range(3):
if np.any(D < 0) or np.any(np.isnan(D)):
inv_eps = 1e-6 * (count-1)*10
D, P = np.linalg.eigh(
C + np.diag(np.ones(C.shape[0]) * inv_eps))
if count == 2:
raise ValueError('Matrix inversion contains negative values,' +
'even after adding {} to the diagonal.'.format(inv_eps))
Ds = np.diag(1/np.sqrt(D))
L = P@Ds
Cinv_sqrt = L@P.T
Cinv = L@L.T
# If there is a hash table, cache our solution. Bound the total cache
# size by removing any extra items in FIFO order.
if hashtable is not None:
hashtable[h] = (Cinv, Cinv_sqrt)
while len(hashtable) > max_table_size:
return Cinv, Cinv_sqrt
def svd_inv(C, hashtable=None):
Matrix inversion, based on decomposition. Built to be stable, and positive.
:param C: matrix to invert
:param hashtable: if used, the hashtable to store/retrieve results in/from
:return: inverse of C
return svd_inv_sqrt(C, hashtable)[0]
class MultiComponentSurface(object):
A model of the surface based on a collection of multivariate Gaussians, with one or more equiprobable components
......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ from scipy.spatial import KDTree
from scipy.stats import linregress
from skimage.segmentation import slic
import numpy as np
from multiprocessing import Pool
# from multiprocessing import Pool
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool as Pool
def SLIC_segmentation(data_rad_all, n_pca, segs):
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
"surface": {
"config": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/sicor/sicor/options/surface_model_options.json"
"config": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/GFZ_Tasks/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/sicor/sicor/options/surface_model_options.json"
"unknowns": {
"skyview": {
"output_model_file": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/surface_model.mat",
"wavelength_file": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/EnMAP_wavelengths_fwhm_DLR.txt",
"output_model_file": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/GFZ_Tasks/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/surface_model.mat",
"wavelength_file": "/Users/niklasbohn/Desktop/GFZ_Tasks/SICOR_dev_ISOFIT_approach/EnMAP_wavelengths_fwhm_DLR.txt",
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"n_components": 8,
"windows": [
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