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enpt\_enmapboxapp package
enpt\_enmapboxapp.enpt\_enmapboxapp module
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.. automodule:: enpt_enmapboxapp
Welcome to enpt_enmapboxapp's documentation!
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Since enpt_enmapboxapp extends the functionality of the EnMAP-Box_, the installation of enpt_enmapboxapp requires
QGIS_ including the EnMAP-Box plugin. If QGIS_ or the EnMAP-Box_ is not yet installed on your system,
follow the installation instructions
`here <>`__.
Stable release
To install enpt_enmapboxapp, run this command in your terminal:
The enpt_enmapboxapp package is then installed into the QGIS_ Python environment.
.. code-block:: console
$ pip install enpt_enmapboxapp
This is the preferred method to install enpt_enmapboxapp, as it will always install the most recent stable release.
If you don't have `pip`_ installed, this `Python installation guide`_ can guide
you through the process.
.. _pip:
.. _Python installation guide:
git clone
cd enpt_enmapboxapp
pip install .
.. note::
From sources
The sources for enpt_enmapboxapp can be downloaded from the `Github repo`_.
You can either clone the public repository:
.. code-block:: console
On a Windows system, you have to activate the the QGIS environment first. To do so, run the OSGeo4W Shell (listed
under OSGeo4W in the Start Menu) as administrator and enter:
$ git clone git://
Or download the `tarball`_:
.. code-block:: console
$ curl -OL
Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it with:
.. code-block:: console
.. code-block::
$ python install
call py3_env.bat
.. _Github repo:
.. _tarball:
.. _EnMAP-Box:
.. _QGIS:
.. toctree::
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